Terms & Conditions

The following terms are industry-standard in Toronto. They are presented here in order to inform, clarify, and cover as many possible issues in advance as possible and reading them thoroughly will make them seem somewhat inflexible. However, I encourage you to get in touch about any of them if you have questions, notes or specific needs and requests that would need a special arrangement.


For DoP positions on fully funded narrative projects with more than 3 shoot days, please contact me because the hourly rates do not apply. For crew positions (Gaffer, Cameraman, Camera Assistant…), the hourly rate depends on the position, the type of projet and scale/budget, and ranges between $40 and $60 per hour.

  • Full Day: up to 10 working hours + one hour unpaid meal break

  • Half Day: up to 5 working hours at 1.5x times the hourly rate, no meal break

A late night premium of $225 applies to any single-day booking or last day of a multi-day booking ending at or after 3 am, because this negates the possibility of taking work on the next day. Working hours are from Call to Release (or Scheduled Release, whichever is greater). When day involves travel, charges are from portal to portal (airport, shuttle bus…). All out-of-town days (outside the legal limits of the GTA) are considered full days.


  • Overtime after 10+1 hours is 1.5x times the hourly rate.

  • Overtime after 12+1 hours is 2.0x times the hourly rate.

  • Overtime after 14+1 hours is 3.0x times the hourly rate.

The hourly rate is the full day rate divided by 10. Half-days going longer than 5 hours will be charged as full days. The 3x overtime rate applies to hours interfering with a 12-hour turnaround on multi-day bookings. Overtime applies to missed meals unless permission is specifically given in advance. There is no meal break on a half day.

Travel Days

When there is no work scheduled on a given day but just travel to get a location or back, it is a Travel Day.
Travel days within Canada are charged as half days, unless travel exceeds 5 hours from call at portal (eg. airport) to release at destination (eg. hotel or home) in which case a full day applies.
Travel days to International destinations are charged as a full day. Overtime applies to full travel days.

Per Diem

A Per Diem is payable for any work or Travel Day outside the GTA or further away.

  • Outside GTA: $65 CAD/day

  • USA: $65 USD/day, payable in advance.

  • EU: 60€/day

  • World: equivalent of $65 CAD/day in the local currency.

Kit Rental Base Rates

  • ARRI WCU-4 wireless follow focus kit: $325/day (3 day week, 1.5 day week-end)

  • TVLogic VFM056WP monitor: $40/day

  • 15” 2018 MacBook Pro w/six-core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, Thunderbolt 3, GPU: $50/day

A 5-day week (Monday-Friday) is billed as 3 days. A week-end (Saturday and Sunday) is billed as 1.5 days.


Charged at cost + 3%


For assignments necessitating an overnight stay, the client supplies a standard 3-star (or higher) hotel room or equivalent AirBnB, because a sub-standard accommodation may compromise rest as well as the safety of equipment.


I have an EU passport and am available to travel.  For assignments requiring air travel the client is to supply one round-trip economy airfare from Toronto Pearson or Billy Bishop to the airport closest to the destination as well as ground transportation while in the destination. I have a clean driving record, an International Driving License and can drive if requested.  As per the usual etiquette, carnets and travel documentation and visas are to be arranged by the client. 

Cancellation Policy

  • Less than 48 hours to call: 50% of the cost

  • Less than 24 hours to call: 100% of the cost

A rescheduling of the shoot is considered as a cancellation, because the dates were held and prevented the freelancer from accepting any work on the original days.


All invoices are Net 30 days, and overdue invoices can be subject to a 10% collection charge.
For new clients or out of Canada clients: invoice is COD. A $50 handling fee and collection charge apply on all NSF payments.

By law, any material shot by a contractor is not owned by the client until the invoices are paid in full.

Last update: August 31st, 2018